china millitary technique and Germen quality,Germen spare parts.

we are specialized in steel silo engineering and storage euipment. We are professionally engaged in variety of storage R&D and related products,sales and is widely used in field such as food,feed,oil,flour,brewery,chemicals, building materials, ports terminal, and environemntal protection,we have the latest manufacturing euipment and leading technology,the products are workingin Sri lanka,India,Vietium,Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries.

we are firmly pursuing "professional makes Quality" and united a large number of professional and senior managers together who are engaged in the silo industry for decades with sucessful experimenceof fulfillment and management for silo. the team is within capability and experimence of consulting , engineering for civl works, process technology, and steel structure.

Our customer will definitely enjoy excellent quality and expertise no matter from design to construction or from inquiry to after sale service.

we remained commitment to storage industry of China. To revitalize industry as our responsiblity,Integrity as Principal,Innovation as Driving force, Quality as Foundation,Pepole oriented as conceptof development. We will spare no efforts to work diligently to create brilliant future.





















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Telephone:(0086) 151 5519 7067

0086 151 5519 7067

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