Government guarrantee non loser project==U.S.A investment bond. Tax free may apply, please ask for details

Bank representative recommend, no broker

1, BOT project:

  Road Overpass project in Hefei, China

  8 Km long

  Total investment: 250 M USD, Want to foreigner invest 125 M USD, balance will be invested by Local Government Co.

  Investment way: BT

  Present situation: Design work: started already

2, Dust water treatment project:

  Scope: 100,000 M.T/d, total investment: 223.22 M Chinese Yuan ( at moment I WSD = 7.73 Yuan) (Factory area: 165.14 M RMB, Pipe net work: 58.08 RMB)

  Present situation: Land is located, Feasibility study completed, immigrant work finished

  Investment way: BOT, government will invest for pipe-net work

  BOT Construction period: 2 years, BOT: 23 years (Negotiable)







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